Construction Management Software

Construction Management Software 

  • Finish the job within the specified time and budget.
  • Provide a safe construction for personnel.
  • Manually edit all operations at any stage of the project.
  • Define routes and plan work time and resource capacity.
  • Allow a communication channel between the supervisor and the planning engineer. The system allows users to stay informed of all changes and updates to the project.
  • Integrated web-based approach to project management and client management.
  • Quickly identify resource requirements and ensure the project meets the delivery schedule.
  • It combines project scheduling, project management, customer management, and service management in one suite.
  • Get smooth and efficient handling by automatically scheduling orders based on procurement rules and quantity forecasts.
  • Fully integrated with sales, purchasing, and inventory modules and programs to make building resource planning accurate.
  • The client management program provides personalized buyer portals, contract management and construction configuration in one place.

Flujo de Operación

Pronostica Necesidades y Recursos


Rendimiento del proyecto y disponibilidad de los empleados

Programa tus equipos en distintos proyectos teniendo en cuenta las vacaciones de cada empleado. Planea con anticipación los próximos proyectos con pronósticos basados en datos de proyectos comparables y estima fechas límite con más precisión. Compara pronósticos con hojas de horas reales para aumentar la rentabilidad.