Salon Administration - SPA - Gym

Odoo has been playing its part in revolutionizing modern business with its highly technological features and customization techniques. With unique features like Odoo Accounting, Odoo HR, Odoo Finance, Odoo PoS and others, we will specifically focus on Odoo salon management system. The demand for a room is increasing because it has become a necessity, and there is no longer a good room to be a luxury. 

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So, to deal with such a large number of clients, modern ERPs like Odoo take care of salon management and make the process easy, comfortable and relaxing. Odoo Salon Management automates the business and helps both types of salon managers: whether you already have a salon and want to digitize it or want to introduce a new one highly immersed in modern technology.

Let's talk about the unique features of Odoo Salon Management:

  • Easy booking and scheduling that benefits both customers and businesses
  • PoS customer detail information
  • Appointment request form
  • Buy product and sell product wizard
  • Analysis of Appointments with Invoices
  • Access control for users, employees and administrators
  • Beautician setup and management
  • Easily Managed Queues
  • Client Form and Client Appointment History
  • Employee Form, History, Skills, Services and Packages
  • Employee/beautician commission management
  • Management and assignment of chairs within a store
  • Customer Management
  • Data analysis fused with Business Intelligence
  • Easy membership enrollment
  • Customizing your Business

So don't miss out on this immense exposure to modern technology by keeping your business up to date and benefiting your customers and employees in an automated way.