All your business on a single platform. 
Simple, efficient and at a good price!

Imagine a wide variety of business applications at your fingertips.
Do you want to improve something? There is an app just for that.
No complications, no cost and you can install it with a single click.

USD$7.25 /mes por TODAS las aplicaciones

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Improve the quality of your work

Each application simplifies a process and motivates more people.

Imagine everything they can achieve if they work with the right tool that integrates perfectly.

All technology on a single platform

Experience true speed, reduced data entry, artificial intelligence and a fast user interface. All operations at your fingertips in less than 90 milliseconds, in the blink of an eye.

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A software business

well done.

Open Source

To create this technology we collaborated with a community of more than 100,000 developers from around the world. We are united by our passion for open source and our common goal is to transform businesses and empower employees.

Odoo is available in two editions:

Community : open source and 100% free.

Enterprise : additional applications with good infrastructure and professional services.

No restrictions

Your data belongs to you, there is no proprietary format data, just PostgreSQL. There is no software limitations, get access to the source code and GitHub. You can stay in our infrastructure or choose to do so local.

Unlimited customization

Use Odoo Studio to automate actions, design custom screens, custom reports or web hooks.

Excellent price

No usage-based pricing, no separate selling of additional features, no long-term contracts, no hosting limits, no surprises... one price per user, everything included.

A unique value proposition

No corporate complications

"Most systems give you 70% of what you expect, but with Odoo you get much more. You are the future of the market." - Anonymous competitor


The time to process accounting documents decreased by Remarkably, in some cases it went from 2 days to just 5 hours. Thanks to this, we can now focus on what matters most: the reports and advise our clients.

Harry Van Donink
CEO of KPMG Belgium

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