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Odoo is a commercial management software that allows you to create web pages, Manage Inventories, Manage Electronic Billing, Operate Point of Sale Terminal, Manage Projects, Manage Work Orders, Manage Human Resources and much more!

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Boost Your Business

Implement a Point of Sale Terminal (POS). 
Scan products, Organize Orders, Pay Orders, Generate Vouchers, Sell at different Points and much more! 

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Increase Your Sales

Create your Website and Sell online. Odoo allows you to directly manage your inventory with the website. It facilitates the payment methods. Manage your client portfolio

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Manage Human Resource

Manage the Human Resources of your company. Distribute Vacations, Shifts, Permits, Contracts and much more!

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Manufacturing Orders

Easily manage Manufacturing Orders, Maintenance, Product Quality and everything you need for your company.

Accounting - Projects

Access from anywhere to accounting, balances, generate Electronic Invoices, Shipping DTEs, all integrated with the Internal Revenue Service.

All kinds of industries

Odoo is applicable to various economic sectors such as Mining, Manufacturing, Retail, Restaurants, Pharmacies, Hospitals, Truck Fleet, Supermarkets and many more!