La mejor aplicación de fabricación

MRP + Sistema de ejecución de fabricación + MES + Calidad + Taller + Mantenimiento
Todo lo que necesitas en una sola plataforma rápida y fácil de usar.

video fabricacion

Planning that will save you time

Schedule manufacturing orders and plan your resources with the help of finite capacity.
The Gantt view will allow you to make all the necessary adjustments.

carta gantt

Records production and components

This way you can process orders, streamline your operations and reduce costs. errors related to manual data capture. It works immediate, fast and without latency.

Barcode reader application for cell phones

It also works without an internet connection, no more connectivity problems.

Un software empresarial

bien hecho.

Master production schedule

The master production schedule is perfect for your sales and operations meetings and the manufacturing department will be harmonized with the sales department.

Powerful and easy to use

Odoo has all the features you need to start a modern manufacturing line, it is very easy to use and there is no need for workers to receive advanced training.

Complete flow traceability

Monitor components and manufacture by batch or serial number. View all your operations with a single click.

Produce by-products

Produces residual products by adding byproducts to bills of materials.

maestro produccion

Integrations with IoT

Connect barcode printers, automate quality measurements or configure your machine from the Workshop application with the IoT box.

Odoo efficiently enabled our company to manage growth from $2.4 million in revenue to $15 million in just four years.

Jacky Lecuivre

Director general en Coppercnic